At Platinum Auto in Euclid Ohio, we take the quality of our work very seriously. This means using the best parts and taking our time to ensure that problems are diagnosed and addressed correctly. Because we use the best parts, the results from our repairs last for longer than those performed at other shops, saving our customers money. We believe firmly that you should understand the work being done on your vehicle, meaning we take the time to explain what is required and why it is important.

We Provide the following Auto Repair Services:

Ask about our Alignment Specials

wheel-alignment-euclid-ohYour vehicle’s manufacturer specifies carefully calculated adjustments and precise settings for wheel alignment that will reward you with maximum vehicle performance, optimum driving enjoyment and cost savings.

Improper alignment will result in difficult handling, greatly accelerated tire wear, poor fuel economy and excessive wear on your vehicle’s suspension.

Steering or handling problems may include off-center steering wheel, steering pull, unsteady steering, loose steering or hard steering. You may notice a change in steering direction after hitting bumps.
Unusual or accelerated tire wear may take the form of edge wear, diagonal wear or cupping that, if left unattended, will cause premature tire replacement.

Failing to maintain proper wheel alignment will make it impossible to maintain factory-specified suspension settings that control the quality of your ride.

Potholes left in our Northeast Ohio Roads after a very long, frigid winter, can wreak havoc on the alignment of your car. If you’ve hit any potholes, curbs, or other objects while driving, have us take a look at your alignment for safe summer driving.