Getting Ready for Winter Driving

Getting Ready for Winter Driving

Fall is here are you ready for winter?

Old man winter is just around the corner will you have your vehicle inspected for winter driving. Some items you may want to have checked are:

  1. Tires: Tires your tires should have at least 5/32 Tread
  2. Brakes: inspect your brakes before winter
  3. Washer Fluid: make sure your washer fluid is full and is working properly
  4. Wipers: Replace your wipers and keep your old wipers in trunk in case one gets broken.
  5. Coolant (Antifreeze): Make sure your coolant is good to -35 degrees and that you have no leaks
  6. Heat: Make sure your car heater is working properly
  7. Battery: If your battery is over 4 years old replace it.

Some Items to Keep in your car this winter:

  1. Bag of Sand or Salt: If you get stuck this can help you get your car unstuck
  2. Small Shovel: Can assist if you get stuck
  3. Blankets, gloves, hat, Spare gloves: if you get stuck off the road and it takes some time for rescue to find you you will be glad you have these items.
  4. Snacks: have a few snacks to tide you over if you get stuck
  5. Misc Items: Flashlight, Glow Sticks, knife, Duck Tape, first aid kit (this should always be in your car.

If you would like any help this winter getting your car prepared for winter give us a call at Platinum Auto Inc in Euclid, Ohio we will keep you your car on the Road.